Our Story

We are so excited to bring you our EPIC Bath Box, a unique seasonal subscription box.

With current restrictions on visiting swimming pools, we are offering you the chance to capture the fun of the pool in your bath by offering you a selection of toys and activities that inspire your children and you can enjoy playing with them too.


The box includes a variety of eco friendly bath toys, games and other necessities for bath time. When you choose your seasonal subscription you will receive unique items, something creative, unusual, and most importantly fun.

Our EPIC Bath Boxes are designed by Helen Hughes a play-based swim school owner and a qualified educator with over 25 years of experience.

Each EPIC Bath Box has harmonious activities that allow all of your child’s senses to explore, play, investigate and create.

Bath time is a great opportunity to provide a playground of fun that encourages enjoyment and a multitude of developmental and learning opportunities.

Our cleverly designed boxes offer so much value and gives your child a great start to learning through hands on play with water.

Get yours today!