This Bath Box is specifically designed for children aged 5-7years old.


Summer Vibe Bath Box is available from June - August (or until stocks last).



Rainbow Bubble Popit toy

Sensory ball

Sensory urchin

Glow up sea shells

Hatching shells (with toy inside)

Jelly fish dive toy

Handmade sop puff by Kitime Creations


Creation kits:

Tangram shape (craft foam, laminated patterns in a folder)

Soap Playdoh (all 5 ingredients required + Mica colouring powder)



Bonus handmade product (shampoo bar or bath salts for example)

​Handbook with activities.

Video tutorials


This age are known for talking constantly and asking as many questions as possible. Their cognitive skills are developing rapidly and their attention span is increasing.


Their understanding of stories, relationships between numbers and objects will grow significantly. 

This Bath Box has been designed with this is mind and the items in here are developmentally appropriate.


Choose a one time purchase or join our squad and get your Bath Boxes every 3 months - 4 boxes of EPIC products, creative materials and additional fun bonuses.


Party Box



Ice cream game

Glow up glasses

Blow up party headbands

Sensory Mini Cake kit (sponges, candles, water beads) (add your own foam - video sent)

Balloons with mini candies


Creation kit:

Pom Pom Cupcake kit (colourful yarn, pom pom, cupcake case)

Clown kit


Turtle Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Turtle Box
Seasonal Subscription 4x boxes a year
£11.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • The products in your box are a mix of eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable and handmade. Pick with love and care.