Seasonal  Bath Boxes

The Seasonal themed Bath Boxes for 2021 will be delivered 



June, July & August box theme is Summer Vibe.

What is in Summer Vibe box (some items may change according to stock availability):


0-12 months

Stacking cups, Bath Book, Sensory ball & dolphin, teething fish, Jelly Fish discovery bottle kit, handmade puff & mini bath bombs.

3-4 years old

Ice cream Popit, balloon boat, sensory urchin & dolphin, seaweed dive toy, Fishing creative kit, Handmade puff, Mini bath bombs



If you have more than 1 child, a box adding a mix of the items listed above will be put together to suit the variation of ages required. 


1-2 years old

Stacking cups, 1 large sensory expanding ball, 1 small sensory ball, light up turtle, Jelly Fish discovery bottle kit, handmade puff & mini bath bombs.


5-7 year olds

Rainbow popit, sensory ball & urchin, glow shells, hatching shells, jelly fish dive ty. 2 Creative kits: soap play doh & Tangram puzzles. 


Bath-time Buddy Collectors item

For the subscription bath boxes it's different in each seasonal box you receive. Claud Crab is in June's box.

You will also receive a lovely handmade, vegan product made by small businesses in the UK. For example a shampoo bar, some lotion, a bath bomb or bath crystals.

In the Summer Vibe subscription box is a gorgeous Crab made by Harley, from Harley Makes it Cute.

Hatching shells
Sea life stacking cups
Rainbow popit
Sensory sea urchin
Light up Turtle
Sensory dolphin
Seaweed dive toy
Jelly fish dive toy
Fish Bath Book
Balloon Boat
Ice Lolly popit
Sensory rainbow balls
Glowing shells

All the Buddy Collectors creatures are handmade by Harley. @Harleymakesitcute has an Etsy shop too. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram.